Congahead Book Launch

Rene Nedelkoff and Martin Cohen

One of the perks in printing books by such creative, wonderful people like Martin Cohen is.... attending book launch parties! And there are few parties that can rival the one held for CONGAHEAD. Which is the brand jamming new biography of Mr. Cohen.

Now, Martin is a self-made man who founded the famed Latin Percussion company in New York in 1964. Since then, he's been bringing the excitement of congas, jam blocks, cabasas, udu drums, claves, cajons and bongo drums to us all. When he released his instruments to the then unsuspecting American marketplace, he helped usher in a world music revolution. He and his company pioneered the use of many ethnic-based instruments for wider musical uses, and continues to this day be a leading innovator in this area.

Of course Martin Cohen is not just a great innovative drum maker. He is also a fabulous photographer and music recorder who enchants and inspires generations of great musicians AND music lovers.

So of course when our own Mid-Atlantic Territory Manager René Nedelkoff had the opportunity to attend the book launch party, she got her own signed copy from Martin! I asked René about the book and she mentions: "I first met Martin in 2006 to discuss the book. What an honor it is to have played a small part in bringing forth this beautiful tribute to Martin's amazing life, work, family and friends!"

You can still get yours directly from We highly recommend it! And follow this up by supporting all musicians everywhere. If you're passionate about it, you too can change the world for better.... while you smile and dance and have a great time!

Thanks, Martin!

Congahead signed

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