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PAUL REBER | Sales Director

Paul began his career in sales, marketing, and management with Coca Cola and Aldi Foods.  He joined Four Colour Print Group in 2019 as the Director of Sales.  His mother is a children’s book artist, which instilled a love and appreciation for books and illustrations at a very young age.  When Paul is not at work, he loves to write, watch or read about the Green Bay Packers, play golf with his Dad, cook his mom’s recipes, and spend time with his wife, Emma, and daughter, Olivia.

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Meet Paul! We talked to Paul about his background and books.

You came to Four Colour from Coca-Cola. Any overlap with the two industries?

Yes and no. The job is the same. You’re trying to find a creative solution to your customer’s problem or need. In terms of the industry, however, they couldn’t be more vastly different: You go from selling sugar water to printing books, so there definitely was a steep learning curve.

I know your mom had a career in children’s books. Were books a big part of your household?

I certainly have an affinity for books, instilled at a young age, my mom being an artist and an illustrator growing up. She was quasi-successful. She didn’t make a lot of money, didn’t sell a lot of books or prints, but it was more for the love of it.

Her books were mostly family oriented. One of her best – in my opinion – was one called Pa and Paul Go Fishing. I may be a little biased there because I’m in the title. It was based on a vacation we took to a lake in Wisconsin when I was a young kid. Her thing was always pigs, so we’re all pigs in this book. It was a way for her family to come to life in her work.

Having experienced my mom try to get into print, be distributed and published has translated into a much greater appreciation for the authors, artists and publishers for whom we work. My mom is retired now, but it was something she always struggled with, and that, I think, has allowed me a different kind of perspective.

Pa & Paul

Has that experience then translated to working at Four Colour? Do you find working with children’s books more meaningful?

I don’t think I’m driven to one genre or another. I do appreciate the kids’ books in a unique way, because I grew up around it.

I would say this: I have a lot of care for the author and the person trying to put their project forward, because my mom kind of fought the industry all her life. When I get a customer who is learning and trying to adapt and trying to understand the process, I really try to take them under my wing. It allows me to provide more empathy and more respect for them. So I perhaps cater more for those projects.

To wrap up, care to name some of your favorite books?

Well, growing up I was a science fiction and fantasy guy. I’d say Asimov’s Foundation trilogy is a good one for me in sci-fi. I was also a big Tolkien kid growing up: The Hobbit, Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings are all excellent. Later on, when I was in college I read and loved many British authors, but the one that really stands out is Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury.

Thanks, Paul!

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