Print Frontiers

We print and deliver books all over our beautiful planet. It's our daily print frontier. Our client may be located in Europe, while we're printing the book in South Korea, only to be shipped out to various locations in the United States. So while that may sound a bit exotic, it's standard operation procedure at Four Colour headquarters.

But there is a new print frontier out there. And it's anything but standard. So you can't imagine how excited and awed we all were when our friends at Tilbury House told us the news: ASTRONAUT ANNIE, a wonderfully inspiring children's book, was selected by Storytime From Space to be shuttled up to the International Space Station, courtesy of Elon Musk's SpaceX and NASA!

I asked Sales Manager René Nedelkoff about her reaction to this event, and she was: "Honored and gratified to have played a small part in the publication of this inspirational book."

Astronaut Annie

Our Production Manager Nancy Heinonen was equally excited. "Tilbury House is a small, independent publisher in Maine. They are publishing some of the best children’s books in the country right now – all of their books have empowering messages for children. I love that Astronaut Annie is literally in space!"

So we're thrilled for our friends at Tilbury House and author Suzanne Slade! The book was just read by Astronaut Anne McClain aboard the ISS and recorded for all to see and enjoy.

How incredibly awesome is that? That's how you break into new print frontiers!

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