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We do a lot of work with visual arts publishers. Photography, painting, collage, illustration and, of course comics and graphic novels and books about the same. Every sequential arts book requires top quality comics printing and production.

Now, from that printing and production perspective, comics are a delight and a challenge. They are a unique art form, highly individualistic, colorful and creative, and the printing quality needs to reflect this. This is one reason comics come in an incredible array of shapes, styles, and sizes. It's not just a hardcover or a paperback distinction. A comic or a graphic novel is not just the story and the pictures. A unique work finds its character also in the feel of the book, the textures and the details.

We're always thrilled to work with quality publishers, such as Fantagraphics or New York Review Comics, but we also do a multitude of projects for smaller publishers, university presses and many wonderful individual authors and artists (like Kevin Huizenga and Ron Regé Jr).

You also might be surprised how many gorgeous comics titles universities actually do put together, be it the Complete Funky Winkerbean (from Kent State University's Black Squirrel Books) or University Press of Mississippi's Cham: The Best Comic Strips and Graphic Novelettes 1839-1862. Their books range from historical studies to collected newspaper strips, from omnibus volumes to original graphic novels and much more.


Don't Dream it. Be It. Then Do it.

Jules Feiffer: Kill My Mother (W. W. Norton)

So however unique your comics project is, and however complex your ideas for creating a truly individual book are.... talk to us about quality comics printing. We can offer a huge variety of paper grades to foils and stamps and end sheets to fold-outs and pockets, all going from black and white to duotone to four colour to 3D or holographic.... just ask us. If it can be done, we'll help you do it. If it can't, we'll find the next best thing. Or maybe we'll invent it. We've done that before. Like when a publisher wanted to add beer into the inks we used to print a book. Be creative. That's what comics are about. And so is quality comics printing.


Drop us a line. Call us. We're always happy to help.

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