Custom Catalog Printing

Leveraging the advances in printing technology, Four Colour Print Group has opened the world of overseas printing to USA manufacturers and distributors. Enjoy the same quality (if not better), at savings of up to 50%. Here's how we do it:

Prepress: We are unique among overseas printers to have our own prepress facility in the USA. FCI Digital, a division of Four Colour Print Group, operates a full studio of the fastest Apple Mac workstations, loaded with every version of Desktop Publishing software from PageMaker 1.0, to Quark 5.5 to InDesign CS4.

Proofing: We operate Epson proofers with built in Spectrophotometers to insure your proofs meet the G7 standard. Color management lies at the heart of our operation and all plants are G7 certified. Your color remains true through the manufacturing process, from your digital images, to our proofs, platemaking and final press sheets.

Plates: Our printing factories are equipped with the latest Computer-To-Plate (CTP) laser plate makers capable of producing plates able to hold a 1% dot. We also offer 20 micron stochastic (FM) printing when requested. The plates are read into a computer to preset ink density, insuring quick make readies.

Paper: Asian paper is the highest quality available, and priced low due to the huge investment in paper making machines. Some are twice the width of any in North America. Pulp comes from sustainable forests, where specially grown Acacia trees rise to 90 ft. in 5 years before harvesting.

Printing: Both sheetfed and web equipment from Japan and Germany occupy the pressroom floors of our modern factories. Our presses are maintained by master mechanics to insure your job runs smoothly, color is consistent, and printing is clean and bright. This guarantees repeatability, grey balance and computer controlled inking.

Ink: We print using environmentally friendly vegetable based ink, and have both Toyo and SWOP CMYK ink sets available. Dampening systems are water based, replacing alcohol solutions many years ago.

Binding: Our plants are equipped with in-house binderies offering saddle stitch, perfect (notch) bind, smyth sewn, wire-O and spiral binding -- including hardcover case binding. Hand work is also available in abundance for special projects that might not be economically feasible in the USA.

Packing: We pack catalogs into 275 lb. double wall corrugated cartons, with an ECT (edge crush test) rating of 51. Cartons weigh no more than 40 lbs, and brick stacked on 40x48 pallets, topboarded and shrinkwrapped.

Shipping: We purchase ocean freight at the most competitive pricing, filling full containers weekly. Your catalogs are insured from warehouse to warehouse, and reach the West Coast from Korea in just 10 days. Air freight can speed the trip further, and we have preferred rates with UPS (international airhub in Louisville).

Delivery: Four Colour handles all US Customs clearance and arranges freight from the port of entry. Truckers call 24 hours in advance to arrange final delivery.

Mailing: Centrally located demo-geographically, Kentucky is one of the nation's most popular and cost efficient geographic locations for catalog mailing and distribution. Our state-of-the art mailing facilities employ laser addressing, pre-sort, and co-mailing to reduce postal costs.

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