eBook Conversion Services

Four Colour Print Group has mastered the illustrated eBook conversion process. With our team of knowledgable vendors and in-house staff we will educate you and walk you through getting your beautiful illustrated books into digital format.

Why convert your titles into eBooks? You have flexibility & options:

1. Eliminate printing, shipping, warehousing, and packing costs
2. Contribute to your company’s environmental green strategy
3. Bring new titles to market faster
4. Bring more titles to market with less risk (reduced overhead)
5. Revive currently relevant out-of-print titles (lower editorial production costs)
6. Additional cross-marketing opportunities to your customers - bundles, digital only content, etc.

Your illustrated eBook WILL be different from your printed book. Here are some of the general changes and additions we advise you to make to your publication when we convert:

  • Remove blank pages (confusing to reader).
  • Remove endsheets if no data or pertinent design or information.
  • Every format should have its own ISBN.
  • Determine where you want your jacket flap information to be located.
  • Page number references in the text need to be removed. A link can be added.
  • Two page spreads need to be redesigned for regular.
  • Move inserts to assist with flow.
  • Connect illustrations/images and caption so they stay together.
  • Adjust font size and weight of titles if needed.
  • Adjust lines between paragraphs for consistency.
  • Adjust section breaks to one blank line only.
  • Remove unwanted indents caused by print style sheet.
  • Change quotes to "smart" quotes.
  • Change M-dashes to add space after dash for proper line reflow.
  • Table of Content: automatically generated with hyperlinks to beginning of chapters (removes print version's TOC)

Our experience with illustrated ePubs for all devices ensures that you will have a beautiful eBook that propels you into the rapidly expanding market of digital publishing for a fraction of the price you may pay with other converters.

Not sure what to do with your eBook once you have it? We can help with that too. We have partnerships with large distributors to get your eBook into the market and we can help you set up your own bookstore on We also have marketing tools and help available.

For a custom quote contact Diana Birdsell, ePub Production Manager

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