Everbest Printing

Everbest Printing Company Limited was founded by Mr. James Chung in 1954. His visions and the seed of his effort has grown steadily over the years into the formidable book production plant that it is today, recognized as one of Asia`s foremost printing houses with a strong reputation for producing high-quality printed products.

The variety of Everbest production ranges from simple text books, to prestigious multicolor art books, coffee-table books and professional source books of different binding requirements. In addition to traditional book manufacturing, the other main stay of the company`s printing business includes the production of board books and pop-up books as well as a wide variety of hand-assembly work.

With a skilled and experienced workforce of around 1200 in both Hong Kong and China, it is this dedication to perfection that has seen many of Everbest's products winning international book production awards. Everbest has established themselves as one of Asia's most environmentally friendly printers, having achieved both FSC certification and attaining the ISO 14001 classification. Everbest has also passed both the comprehensive Disney and C.A.R.E. audits to ensure workplace safety, market-based wages, and ethical treatment of workers.

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