Custom Retail Packaging - Materials

It’s what a customer walks away with after making a purchase. It can be quaint and tiny, the size for a box of perfume. Or huge to hold a great spring trench coat wrapped in tissue paper or a sweater wrapped in a box. It is a brainless form of advertising for a label but many designer fashion labels don’t fully exploit this item, or other forms of packaging, as a means to heighten their identity in the worldwide branding game. The bag has evolved into one of the most effective means of sharing your brand with the world. You can choose from thousands of stock designs or have our designers create something that is unique to your marketing needs. 

Standard Shopping Bag Substrates:

  • Art Paper 80, 120, 130, 150, 170 gsm
  • Art Board 210, 230 gsm
  • Woodfree 120, 150, 180, 210 gsm
  • Woodfree 30% Post Consumer Waste 150, 180 gsm
  • Brown Kraft 90, 150, 200 gsm
  • Metalized and foil paper available
  • Clear, Frosted and Tinted Plastic available

Click the image below for an array of retail bag options:

Retailers are fond of saying that the box package IS the product - at FCPG we know how to build boxes that sell products...and your brand. Whether your rigid box design calls for a matched, telescoping or hinged lid, Four Colour Print Group gives you access to all of the shapes, paper styles and features you can imagine to help orchestrate your brand and meet your budget.

Standard Paper Box Substrates:

  • Chipboard 550, 800, 1200 gsm
  • Art Board 210, 230 gsm
  • Uno Cover: Art Paper 120, 130, 150 gsm; Woodfree 100, 120, 150 gsm as wrapper
  • Duplex 310, 350, 430 gsm
  • Art Board 310, 400 gsm
  • Ivory Board 310, 400 gsm

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