Illustrated Digital Books are Here!

eBook Distribution launched in January 2012 as the premier online eBookstore where buyers could be assured that illustrated eBooks offered were carefully crafted and easily read on every kind of electronic device: Apple iPad, Kindle Fire, all Android tablets, PC/Mac laptops, iPhones and Smartphones. Our sister company FCI Digital in Ohio, a fully equipped digital conversion company, coordinates and quality controls eBook conversions performed at extremely competitive prices by our offshore partners in India and the Philippines. For illustrated eBook conversions, we have developed a comprehensive checklist that allows us to produce high quality .ePub files on our first attempt. Any errors or deficiencies noticed by the publisher are communicated directly to our American staff, and quickly corrected. We also create the eBook cover and detail images, can provide an ISBN, and will include all the necessary metadata for your eBooks.

Why Sell eBooks Direct?

We believe that publishers will enjoy most success by selling eBooks directly to their customers -- without a distributor, or giant eBookstore dictating terms and taking a large cut of the profits. MyTabletBooks can create a custom branded mini-store for free within our website where only the publisher's books are displayed. We handle e-commerce for the transaction and fulfill the eBook order for only a 20% fee (vs. 30% or more from the "big guys".) More important than the 33% or more transaction savings, we provide publishers with the customer name and email address for future marketing purposes. Publishers can run promotions and set their own price of the eBooks, without effect on their revenue sharing rate. We offer Digital Rights Management (DRM using Adobe Content Server) for a minor additional fee for those publishers & authors concerned about copy protection. Even if you are using a distributor already, or have you uploaded eBooks to other eBookstores, nobody can prevent you from also selling direct on your own website.

It's Simple to Get Started

We provide publishers with the HTML code to copy and paste onto their website, allowing shoppers to easily click the "Buy the eBook" button. Instantly, the shopper is taken to the publisher's min-store inside of MyTabletBooks to make the sale. We handle all customer service, and pay out your earnings monthly. Don't let the avalanche of information about eBooks freeze you. You can start earning money from eBooks now, and there are no long term contracts that lock you in. What are you waiting for?

Sell Worldwide and Collect 100%!

Because we realize that many consumers will be purchasing books through the major online eBookstores, we offer an additional service for $100 to upload the eBook to many of the major eBookstores (except Google). 100% of the revenue earned from those sales is deposited directly into your bank account. MyTabletBooks takes nothing. You can manage your sales using our Publisher's Accounting Dashboard with easy to use navigation and sorting capabilities. We also provide a downloadable report detailing all sales by title to make royalty calculations a snap. Here is the current list of eBookstores to which MyTabletBooks uploads your eBooks:

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Apple iBookstore
  • Baker & Taylor
  • Barnes & Noble Nook
  • Sony Reader Store
  • Kobo
  • Gardners
  • Copia
  • eBookPie
  • MyTabletBooks

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