Here are a few thing our clients had to say about books they have had manufactured through Four Colour Print Group.

November 26, 2014
University Press of Colorado’s Wyoming Revisited, by Michael Amundson, was a challenging project from the start, and finding a printer that could handle it was no exception. Of the half-dozen companies we contacted, only Four Color Print Group was both willing to tackle this complex project and able to give us a competitive price. The UPC staff is very happy with how the book turned out, and the author is thrilled. Thanks to Mike Daniels and all the talented staff at Four Colour Print Group for all their hard work on this difficult book.

Daniel Pratt, Production Manager University Press of Colorado

October 7, 2013
Just got my samples. A-MA-ZING!!! They are fabulous!!!!! Please thank everyone for their attention and excellent work. I'm very happy. OXO!

Linda Noble

October 18, 2013
There was joy, excitement, oohs and ahhhs in book production plaza today as we opened two cartons of books, zipped our fingernails down the shrinkwrapping, leafed through the pages, smelled the ink, patted the paper, and admired the blind stamping on the front cover. What a very nice way to end the week!

I wrote to the author this morning to tell him to have a restful weekend because next week he'll have to cope with being the soon-to-be-famous (fingers crossed, of course) author of a prize-winning beautiful book of photography. I know he'll be pleased with how the photographs are printed.

Thank you all--and to all the people who work with you whose names I don't know!  And you've made me happy, of course, because I've brought this book in on time into the warehouse. Beautiful and on time--what more could I ask?
With sincere appreciation, Nancy

Nancy Hoagland
Duke University Press

June 21, 2013
Dear Nancy, I had to take some unexpected time off last week, and I had intended to write to you early this week, as soon as I saw the beautiful Brillembourg catalogue that you delivered to us, in record time no less. We are receiving many compliments about it, including a nice remark from our Director, who describes it as “very impressive”!

I hope you have a great weekend, and thanks again for confirming the details of the bulk shipment.

All the best,

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

October 6, 2013
I received all of my books in time for my book signing this past Saturday. First let me say, the books are fabulous.  I can’t believe the unbelievable job you and your company did with my book.  Everything is outstanding.  The cover, the paper, the color, the quality, and the turn-around time is all wonderful.  I just can’t say enough.  I want to thank you for everything.  I am definitely one satisfied customer. 

The book signing was a success I feel.  I signed and sold 25 books.  For this hick town, this is pretty good especially since it wasn’t announced or advertised.  I received many, many compliments on the book.  Again, thank you very much.

Santa Lou Bertone
Monilou, LLC

Another beautiful book has landed on my desk!! It is absolutely gorgeous and far heavier than any of us imagined! I think I can speak for all the team when I say that, after all these months of hard work, there is a general feeling of elation across the ICAA and Latin American art department. I am sure that Tanya will be deeply moved by it. She arrives on Sunday and will be here on Monday to walk through the show. Thank you SO much for your hard work on this book.
Timeless Texas.

Mari Carmen Ramírez, Ph.d.
Wortham Curator of Latin American Art and Director, International Center for the Arts of the Americas

August 2013
Thanks George.
Four Color Team: please understand that I'm a software engineer of 20 years and this is all very new. Going with Four Color has been the best decision of this project.

The initial buzz and excitement is great but just wait until the books start arriving (some arrived at customers today) and people start posting reviews - everyone who saw the advance copies literally freaked out - they couldn't believe that it wasn't produced by Taschen or Rizzoli. You have manufactured a truly magical book and the quality and level of finish is off the charts. I am very grateful for Eric and Bekah for their patience with a first time self publisher, to George for believing in my crazy idea and for your wizards in China who made it happen.

I am working hard to push sales so I can get to a 2nd printing. Here's hoping!

Jonathan Zufi
Shrine of Apple

April 2013

Hi, Diana. I just wanted to say what a super job you and your crew did on A Light in the Wilderness. This was complicated, what with all the photos and footnotes, and your skills really shone. I was downright astonished at the excellent quality of the images. It is really as good as the original print version, and it bolsters my enthusiasm for the eBook format - especially when it comes to converting my two large coffee table books. So...take a bow, then please forward this to George Dick, who probably needs to hear more from happy customers. 

Jim Snyder
Pharos Books

Dear Jodi:
As you may know—and as Chris and George surely recall—I was hesitant to send this book to China because its success would depend on how well the gray-scale and color diagnostic images were reproduced. It’s not an easy thing. One of the pioneers of diagnostic ultrasound said that an ultrasound image still looked to him like a snowman in a snow storm.

I was also initially reluctant to take cold calls from Chris and George. I am so glad I did.

We received the two advance copies of this book by air yesterday. I took one into the hall, sat under its large skylight, and examined it page by page. The printing is excellent. I think these images are better than the ones in the files we sent. No diagnostic information is lost; the images, illustrations, and type pop off the pages. Our production manager says it is perfect.

I want to thank all of you who touched this project, including, of course, the professionals at Everbest Printing Company and the prepress pro’s at Four Colour. Four Colour’s project management was flawless. How lucky I was that George and Chris forced themselves on me and convinced us to use Four Colour for this and one previous project. There are more projects on the way, and we know we can count on you.

Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for all of your fine work and efforts. They are apparent on every page of this book---and its covers and binding. I hope you will be so kind as to inform Everbest of our gratitude.

Warmest regards,

Michael Davies, President
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